There's something for every programmer at WAA!

Throughout the conference week, delegates have the opportunity to see and experience a diverse range of performance. From full-length productions that are a part of WAA's partnership with local performing arts presenters, to shorter Showcases, there's something new to discover every day of the conference.

Juried Showcase

Part of the official conference program, Juried Showcases highlight artists from various disciplines who have been selected from a competitive pool of applicants by a committee of WAA members.

Independent Showcasing

Get involved with the WAA Conference by doing what you do best: make performance! Experienced showcase producers should contact Jennifier Stewart to request room pricing and specs for rentals at the Seattle Sheraton*. Never produced an Independent Showcase at WAA? Consider renting a showcase slot in an established showcase producer's room. We can put you in touch! Or, create an evening of showcasing by partnering with other WAA members at an off-site venue.

General questions can also be directed to Jennifier Stewart.

*Interest forms for in-hotel room rentals are being collected now and are due by March 10, 2017. Availability is limited.

Pictured above: 2016 Juried Showcase Kiran Ahluwalia​, photo by The Photo Group.