Why Attend?

Learn how Rackspace used 3 Day Startup to advance growth, innovation, and teamwork.

What is the point of the Conexiones Lab?

The purpose of this retreat is to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that the performing arts establishes and affirms its relevance to the emerging Latino majority. WAA will convene members and colleagues, hand them some fresh tools, introduce them to new collaborators, and work/sweat alongside them as they advance both their organizations and the field in better engaging America’s fastest growing demographic.

What are the intended outcomes?

In short:  a toolkit, a prototype, and a learning cohort.

Participants will gain a set of tools to help them develop and prototype new projects/programs/ideas and gain hands-on, real time experiences mastering those tools among a community of like-minded, forward thinking peers and with insight and feedback from leading Latino artists, community activists, educators, and entrepreneurs.

What kind of participant is WAA looking for? Someone with a hot idea? Someone who just wants to get their feet wet? Both?

All. Both. Yes, please. If you’ve got an idea that you’re itching to try out, come (we’re waiting).  If you think you don’t have “innovative” ideas, come (p.s. you’re probably wrong). If you aren’t the idea person in your org and don’t want to be, come (yours may be the small observation/feedback that refines someone else’s idea into a game-changer). If the “idea person”/boss in your org doesn’t give your ideas any daylight, come (you may find an audience here...or another job with an org that recognizes your genius). 

Why Attend?

Let’s upset the apple cart!

The word “disruption” has never been more timely, capturing our politics, our field, and many of our organizations. The timing couldn’t be better for this program, as we’ll create new ideas in a new way. Hierarchy and tradition will be set aside, ideas will be judged by a jury of your peers (heads down, eyes shut, raise your hand), and the work will begin long before the final day’s wrap-up session. 

Attendees of all ages and experience levels will lead, though maybe in ways you haven’t before. Established leaders can cement their legacy as leaders and innovators, challenging themselves to let go of the mic and work alongside emerging leaders within their organizations and across the field. Mid-career professionals will show they’re ready to lead the field by creatively developing new ways to engage audiences. Leaders of tomorrow who have just begun their careers will surprise us...all of us. 

Resist the tyranny of the travel budget, and choose “and” and not “or” when deciding who should represent your organization at this gathering. 

Trust us….this is gonna be worth it.