Stephen Blanchett

Director (through 2022)

Stephen Qacung Blanchett is a performing artist, a culture-bearer, an art and culture educator, and an advocate for equity and inclusion. Earlier on in his nearly 30 year career in performance art, he realized his passion to teach the beautiful songs and dances of his culture. He has served in leadership roles with the Alaska Native Heritage Center, First Alaskans Institute, Pamyua Inc., and other arts, culture, and community service entities. He is currently the Art Education Director for Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. He is a 2019 Dance/USA Fellowship recipient, a 2019 & 2016 recipient of the Rasmuson Foundation’s Artist Fellowship, and a 2015 National Artist Fellowship recipient through the Native Arts and Culture Foundation, Blanchett is a global citizen whose Yup’ik roots guides his leadership and artistic vision. He is a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Alaska Native Studies. What pointed him in the direction that he chose academically was a passage in a book that he read from the author Vine Deloria, in which he wrote, "Being born Native is like being born into politics". This passage also influenced Blanchett greatly as an artist, because he truly believes that being born Alaska Native we have a responsibility to fight for our traditions and heritage. So as an artist he not only has the passion to perform, he also loves to teach and perpetuate the Alaska Native traditions and to be an advocate for equity and inclusion in the arts and culture industry. To sample some of Qacung’s music please visit