Stephen Blanchett

Director (through 2019)

Stephen Blanchett (Yup’ik Inuit, African-American) is from the small Yup’ik Community of Bethel Alaska, and now lives in Anchorage Alaska performing songs and traditional dances with the group Pamyua for the last 25 years, and works as the V.P. of Development and Community Engagement at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. He graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Alaska Native Studies. As an artist who loves not only to perform, he also to teaches the Alaska Native traditions in the Artist in The Schools Program.

Stephen’s work does not stop at teaching and performing, he also produces music and film. One of his albums, Caught In The Act, won Record of the Year at the Native American Music Awards. The Album Verses was nominated for Best World Music Album. Stephen also has produced several groundbreaking projects, like the production of the first ever Alaska Native traditional music album. He is a fluent speaker in the Yup’ik language.

Stephen has performed on stage in many countries and venues throughout the world, sharing the unique musical expression of the Yup’ik people. His mission is to help the delicate balance that exists between the ancient ways of life and the rapidly changing world around us. He will always strive to challenge himself in innovative ways to perpetuate and empower indigenous voices through creative means.