Jacque Tahuka-Nunez

Jul 19 2019
Tribal Affiliation: Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/ Acjachemen Nation
Artistic Discipline: Traditional Storyteller, Award Winning Teacher, Playwright, Singer, Director, Workshop leader, & Keynote inspirational speaker
2019 AIP Fellow
San Juan Capistrano, CA

As a teacher I realized my own cultural journey was unknown to most people. As a seasoned storyteller, a young Anglo boy with tears in his eyes commented;" it's so cool to be an Indian, I am nothing, just an American!" My heart, changed that very moment, 18 years ago. I make it a point to build up every person in my audience. It is my goal that every listener realizes we live in a community filled with diversity. That every family is beautiful and worthy to be celebrated. I have the privilege to share my cultural beauty, my songs and stories and interacting with my audience. Stepping into the moment with my wholeheart believing one person can change a life and that one person is ME!