Lee Mixashawn Rozie

Jul 22 2019
Tribal Affiliation: Maheekanew/Mohawk Descent
Artistic Discipline: Music/Multidisciplinary=Wave Artist
2019 AIP Fellow
Hartford, CT

I grew up as a non affiliated "Indian" on the Connecticut River I learned oral traditions and "Hemispheric Principles" or the natural patterns of waves; sonic, aquatic, percussive and harmonic. As a Wave Artist I journey through American Music; From Indigenous to today, informed from Stomp to Hip Hop – Be Bop to Free Bop; I use winds, voice, percussion and the audience to illuminate the Indigenous understanding of Spontaneous Being. With the unique perspective of international Jazz artist performing and recording with greats like Bobby McFerrin, Ravi Coltrane, Shannon Jackson, as well as traditional singer and educator I weave a sonic picture of 500 years of Indigenous evolution.