Rulan Tangen

Jul 18 2019
Tribal Affiliation: Mixed heritage, including hunka Lakota
Artistic Discipline: Indigenous contemporary dance artist, choreographer, director, collaborator, teacher, & dreamvisioner
2019 AIP Fellow
Santa Fe, NM

As a woman of color confronting disabilities post-cancer, I create dances for the health of all beings. Life is marked by rituals - as our original theater - and I dedicate my life to performance becoming function ritual for transformation. Now ‘dreamvisioning’ as the Director/Choreographer of DANCING EARTH my work is made through living culture which is my research; working closely over years with diaspora of intertribal elders and community members in many locations with which I have a cyclical relationship. My process is thus the story of “we” - inter-generational, multilingual, inter-tribal convergence of artists, culture-carriers, farmers, activists, community members, dissolving borders to move into collaborative practices that become dance forms embodying sustainability, resilience, and vitality as expressions of multi-perspectivist ancestral worldviews of collaborators as well as myself. My current project cultivates a new vision for Indigenous Futurities, a youth led vision for life. It emerges from a space in between, the marginal zone for those who don’t fit in one place or another, which becomes a liminal threshold place of limitless potential and the weaving of relations between disparate ways of being, “between underground and skyworld”…