Board Nominations

The Western Arts Alliance Governance Committee is seeking candidates for the Board of Directors through Friday, June 20.

Nominate a qualified colleague and help ensure the continued excellence of WAA's leadership. Please read the below responsibilities and requirements carefully before submitting your nomination.

Nominate A Colleague!

Board Responsibilities & Candidate Requirements

The WAA Board of Directors is committed to advancing the performing arts through innovative thinking and ground-breaking initiatives. WAA’s capacity to meet member needs now and in the future depends on sound governance and stewardship.

Responsibilities include:

  • Determine policies and ensure their implementation.
  • Establish, implement, and evaluate ongoing strategic plans for WAA.
  • Establish objective and long-range plans; aid the officers and staff of WAA in achieving these plans.
  • Establish a working relationship with the members, i.e., by asking questions, listening to their concerns, speaking on their behalf, and generally serving their needs.
  • Give all meetings and activities pertaining to WAA high priority on their calendar of commitments.
  • Attend the annual conference and actively recruit and encourage others in the region to join WAA and attend WAA events.
  • Chair and/or serve on at least one committee.
  • Volunteer for those committee assignments and other activities in which they can best function for the good of the organization.
  • Establish close contact with and an understanding of other board members and the WAA staff.
  • Participate in an annual board evaluation process.
  • Oversee the administrative operations of the organization, including the hiring, contracting, and evaluation of the Executive Director.
  • Approve and review WAA's annual budget and annual report.
  • Delegate to officers of WAA special managerial and fiscal powers, authorizing them to handle corporate accounts, contracts, etc.
  • Do all they can to enhance the financial position of the organization by increasing membership and attendance at the annual conference, and by providing input into any fundraising activities and/or discussions.
  • Support WAA by making a meaningful financial gift to the organization each calendar year. Solicit the financial, in-kind, and political support of others, including employers and friends, and obtain a minimum amount (as determined annually by the board) in actual donations, made to WAA each fiscal year, in addition to the personal contribution.
  • On the basis of study and innovative thought, to be involved fully in all of the deliberations and decisions affecting the organization as both a knowledgeable pursuer of “old business” and an aggressive proposer of “new business.”

Board Candidate Requirements:

A. The nominee:

  • Has at least three years experience in the field of touring and presenting the performing arts.
  • Is able to commit to a minimum of 3-4 hours per week to WAA committee work, board and committee assignments, and attend all scheduled board meetings (3 a year).
  • Possesses leadership skills that will positively affect areas of importance to the organization including: financial management, personnel or business management, professional development, membership development, and fundraising/development.
  • Can demonstrate participation in volunteer activities in the field via local organizations, state consortia, WAA committees, etc.

B. The nominee shall possess the ability to:

  • Act, first and foremost, as a trustee of the entire organization, while also attending to the concerns of individual members and balancing regional needs.
  • Propose creative solutions to problems facing the field and embody the rules of ethical behavior that are promoted by WAA.
  • Represent and/or consider the needs of constituencies that have not been effectively served by WAA in the past.

C. The nominee shall, if not already a member of WAA, agree to join the organization within 30 days of election.

Nominate A Colleague!