Independent Showcasing

Monday, August 29, 2016
7:30 pm – midnight

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
7:00 pm – midnight

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
7:30 pm – midnight

What You Need To Know

  • Produced by YOU - individual WAA members
  • All showcasing artists MUST have representation in the WAA Exhibit Hall
  • Perform within the host hotel or at off-site venues
  • Invite WAA delegates and the public*
  • Create a unique and exciting program

*While tickets may be sold to the general public for Independent Showcases, all WAA Conference delegates must be allowed to attend Independent Showcases free of charge.

Available Opportunities

The following members are experienced showcase producers at WAA and have showcase slots available.  Their showcases will take place on-site at the JW Marriott.  Please contact these producers directly with all questions, including about availability and pricing.

Check back for updates as additional producers come aboard.

(click for email)
Organization Showcase Date(s) Available
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz AROY Music
  • Wednesday, August 31

Ideal for those showcasing solo or small
ensembles who do not need amplification,
theatrical lighting, or a multichannel ​sound system

Karin Stein Cadence Artists
  • Monday, August 29
  • Tuesday, August 30
  • Wednesday, August 31

Any artists welcome as long as the group fits
on a 12x16 
stage with a drum kit permanently set
and a piano is not required. 
Dance groups must be
willing to dance on carpet. Please view this video for more  information.

Emerson Bran Emerson Bran Management
  • Monday, August 29
  • Tuesday, August 30

Space available to Latino artists in
Jazz, Latin Jazz and Afro-Caribbean music

Gregg Young Gregg Young and
the 2nd Street Band
  • Monday, August 29

Room will be set-up for bands (Jazz, World,
Blues, Caribbean, Latin, Rock 'n' Roll, Funk,
Pop, Americana, etc.).

Cilette Swann The Gypsy Soul
Listening Room
  • Tuesday, August 30

For smaller acts of 1-4 artists; acoustic artists
in any of the following genres are welcome:
singer/songwriter, jazz, roots, traditional,
soul, classical, blues and soloists. No piano
will be provided. Room will have an 8-channel
mixer and some lighting. Email for full details.

Crandall Rogers David Belenzon Artists
  • Monday, August 29
Crandall Rogers Harmony Artists
  • Tuesday, August 30
  • Wednesday, August 31
Kevin Bruce KBAM! Kevin Bruce
Arts Management 
  • Tuesday, August 30 

Priority given to Canadian artists

Marian Liebowitz Marian Liebowitz Artist Management
  • Wednesday, August 31 

Small Ensembles showcase. Room will have small PA and microphone available.

Robin Klinger Robin Klinger Entertainment
  • Tuesday, August 30 

Off-site List of Independent Showcasing Venue Options

WAA staff have compiled a list of performance venues in Los Angeles to help guide you in planning a showcase outside of the J.W. Marriott Hotel.

DOWNLOAD 2016 Offsite Showcasing Venue List

As you contact potential venues and producers, you may want to ask some or all of the below questions.

Venue and Technical Questions:

  • What venue will be used?
  • Is there a picture available of the space?
  • How large is the performing space?
  • How many people can be accommodated?
  • Are there dressing rooms available?
  • If the showcase venue is away from either the conference center or the conference hotels, how far (in walking distance) is it located from the heart of the conference?
  • Does the fee include a technical director and/or stage manager for the showcase, or will the artist need to provide their own?
  • Will the artist be able to communicate directly with the venue's technical team?
  • What type of lighting will be provided?
  • Is the floor suitable for a dance company? i.e. non-carpeted, non-slippery flooring?
  • How much rehearsal time will the artist have in the venue and when will it be scheduled?

Marketing Questions:

  • How will the showcase be marketed?
  • If the showcase producer is paying for listings in the conference guide, will those costs be passed on to the artist, or are these included in the showcase rental fee?
  • Will the general public be allowed to attend?
  • Will the artist have access to the list of attending presenters after the showcase?
    • If so, how soon after the conclusion of the showcase?
    • How will that contact information be gathered?

General Questions:

  • What exactly does the showcasing fee include?
  • How long will each individual showcase be, and is it possible to do multiple appearances in one showcase?
  • Has the showcase producer staged a showcase before? If so, are there references from previous experiences?
  • How many total artists will be showcasing, and what kinds of disciplines do they represent?



Pictured: 2015 Juried Showcase artists Bria Skonberg, photography by Coast Mountain Photography