Grassroots Fundraising for Community and Social Impact

Tuesday, September 5 | 9:00AM-2:00PM

Presenters and artists seek greater impact on community concerns. However, they are limited in resources and traditional fundraising appeals don’t address these needs. Newly proven methods have been tested in both rural and urban settings and are now ready to be deployed to engage buy-in (literally) from people at all income levels. These approaches will provide a bedrock of support for you to engage high priority community and social concerns.

Presented in fast paced, interactive session where you’ll take the first steps for creating renewable, reliable revenue streams. Will be preceding by an optional online survey.

Who should attend: Anyone starting out in raising money for Community and Social Impact, whether it be Executive Director, Development Director, or Education/Community Engagement Staff.

Session Leader:

Jerry Yoshitomi, Chief Knowledge Officer | MeaningMatters, LLC