Independent Showcasing

Showcase @ The Bellagio

The following members are experienced showcase coordinators at WAA and have showcase slots available.  These showcases will take place on-site at the Bellagio on Wednesday evening, August 29. Please contact these individuals directly with all questions, including about availability and pricing. Please note: all showcasing artists must have representation in the exhibit hall.

Crandall Rogers
Crandall’s room will be the most heavily produced showcase room and will include full backline and a piano, stage lighting, sound reinforcement, and crew.  

Karin Stein
Karin provides the basics: sound reinforcement and modest lighting.  Backline and piano not provided.  Please watch this video for more information.

Marian Liebowitz
Marian’s room will provide sound reinforcement and a drum set. Interested groups are requested to submit a video work sample, stage plot and technical rider with message of inquiry.

Super Showcase @ The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

The Independent Showcase lottery is now closed.

WAA is producing a "Super Showcase” during the 2018 Annual Conference on Tuesday, August 28 at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The Super Showcase program will combine Independent and Juried Showcasing, with hospitality included. The Super Showcase at the Smith Center will be the place to be on Tuesday night.

Details: WAA will provide standard equipment (lights, sound, backline as required) for the independent showcases and professionally manage the performance spaces.  The cost for one 15-minute independent showcase slot will be $750. 

Showcase Times: There will be two Independent Showcase programs on Tuesday night.  Program #1 is scheduled to take place between 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. in two performance spaces with showcases running concurrently.  Program #2 is scheduled to take place between 9:45 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. with performances in three spaces.  (WAA’s Juried Showcase Program is scheduled to take place between the two Independent Showcase programs.) Shuttles will be provided.

Applying artists do not need to be a member of WAA to enter the lottery, however, all artists who are selected must become a WAA member, or be represented by a current WAA member, and register to attend the 2018 Annual Conference.