Speed Leads

For Presenters and Artist Managers

Tuesday, August 28 | 10:35 am - 11:35 am 

What are Speed Leads?

Take one part blind date, one part pitch session, one part niche-marketing, and two parts of your passion and what do you get? Speed Leads, WAA’s professional mixer. Whether you are throwing or receiving the pitch, it’s productive fun for the whole crew! Artist/managers rotate one at a time through tables seated with presenters, spending two minutes at each table. Make new connections and discover new artists and programs you might not otherwise have the chance or time to find! Twenty-five artists/projects x two minutes = one productive hour.  Deadline to apply has passed. We are no longer accepting applications. 

Speed Leads Topics

New for the 2019-2020 season | Room: Raphael 2
This is for projects that are ready to tour for the 2019-2020 season.

Family-Friendly Performance | Room: DaVinci 2
Great works that speak to the child in all of us. Engage audiences of all ages with artists and shows that enrich lives, build community, and inspire creativity.

Affordable Excellence: Artists with Fees of $5,000 or Less | Room: DaVinci 1
Year after year, this session proves the maxim: less might be more. The place to be for the auteur on a budget.

Need some tips?

Click here for more about preparing a solid Speed Leads pitch.