2019 Launchpad Artists

Albino Mbie

Born in Maputo, the art and culture-rich capital of Mozambique, Albino Mbie is an multi award-winning musician, guitarist, singer, composer, and sound engineer. Fueled by the resourcefulness and determination that have always characterized Mozambicans, Mbie built his first guitar from a 5 liter can of oil, scrap wood, and electric cords -- at the tender age of 16. Drawn to the street music of his native Maputo, Mbie soon started playing with bands in the local scene.

Aditya Prakash 

Aditya Prakash is an award-winning, American-born Indian classical vocalist best known for his powerful and emotive voice. Although firmly rooted in South Indian classical (Carnatic) music, his style is heavily inspired by North Indian classical music, Sufi music, Western classical, jazz, flamenco, and hip hop, which he brings out in his collaborative projects. While pursuing his ethnomusicology degree at UCLA, Aditya studied composition under award-winning jazz musician, Tamir Hendlemen, and Hindustani vocal under Ustaad Shujaat Khan. Both forms greatly inform his present musical style. Aditya has worked in cross-over genre music, touring and performing throughout the USA, Europe and Canada as lead vocalist with Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale, Salim Merchant and MIDIval Punditz. Aditya is the founder of performing groups Aditya Prakash Ensemble and J.A.S.S. Quartet which create original compositions inspired from the styles of Indian classical, folk, jazz, funk, blues and hip hop. Aditya regularly composes for acclaimed dancer Mythili Prakash’s productions, the most recent of which was MARA, amongst other collaborative music projects.

Streetlight Cadence 

Streetlight Cadence is an alternative folk pop quartet. Jonathon (violin), Jesse (accordion), Brian (cello) and Ben (guitar, drums) began as street performers in 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii, playing for tourists while earning grocery money as college students. The band had a strong desire to stand out from other music groups, thus Streetlight Cadence has always moved towards unique instrumentation and arrangements in their music. The group takes inspiration from and has been described as a cross between Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and One Direction. In addition, the classical instruments, family-friendly brand and storytelling-songwriting style attracts older audiences, making Streetlight Cadence a group enjoyed by people of all ages. Jonathon, Jesse, Brian and Ben can be described as fun-loving, energetic and demonstrate an enormous love for music and friendship in their live performances.