Pre-Conference Programs

The Western Arts Alliance Annual Conference presents the latest in performing arts trends, strategy, and research to enhance and accelerate your professional growth. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to collaborate with arts leaders and your peers with WAA's in-conference program of workshops and panels. 

Black Arts @ WAA Symposium | August 25

Drawing on Black leadership, perspective, experience, and voice, WAA is placing a special focus on Black arts for the 2019 Conference. The Black Arts @ WAA day-long pre-conference program (and it’s extension into the core conference content) will include a pre-conference symposium, showcase, pitch session, keynote speaker, workshops and panels, and networking events. Click here for the full day schedule.

Cultural Competency: A Tool-Box for Working with Indigenous Artists and Community | SOLD OUT

An interactive team dialogue and learning session that will build knowledge and understanding about contemporary Native American artists - individually and collectively – that is necessary to curate and work effectively with Indigenous artists from across the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories.
Some of the subjects we’ll cover include: 

  • Creating a space for Indigenous voices and community 
  • What are the assumptions we have about the culture of presenting and how are those assumptions leaving out the people on whose land our institutions are located? 
  • How can we adjust our language and protocols to be inclusive of local Indigenous cultures? 
  • Where do we begin to have this conversation? And how do we continue it at home? 

You will leave this workshop with a set of tools and resources to equip you with the cultural competency – language, understanding of protocols and relationships – to help you integrate Indigenous artists and their work in future programs and projects.

Cost: $75 members; $125 non-members

Led by Larissa FastHorse and Ty Defoe | Indigenous Direction

Sponsored by Consulate General of Canada, Los Angeles

The Art of Independent Touring & Navigating the Performing Arts Market | August 26

The US live performance and touring industry is the largest in size in the world. Yet distances, varying cultures, costs, complex legal matters and language barriers make it the most difficult market to penetrate. So what is the best strategy for independent and foreign artists to create a meaningful presence in the US? This highly informative session is designed to assist artists to book and manage their tours independently. We will discuss the current state of the performing arts market, and the how-to’s on building a professional team, routing, budgeting, maximizing your presence at WAA, getting on a presenter’s radar, and utilizing your global network.

Cost: $75 members; $125 non-members

Led by Rachel Cohen | Cadence Arts Network

Mehmet Dede | Drom / New York Gypsy Festival

Sponsored by The Québec Government Office in Los Angeles