Frequently Asked Questions

Cuauhtemoc Monument, Photo courtesy of Descubre Tijuana

FAQ: WAA’s 2020 Transborder Conference 

last update: 1/27/20

1. Can I register for the San Diego part of the Conference and skip Tijuana?

Sure.  The pre-conference program taking place in Tijuana, MX is an optional add-on experience.  We expect about a quarter of all conference attendees will register for the Tijuana program.  

2. Will there be an exhibit hall in Tijuana?

No. The exhibit hall will only be in San Diego. 

3. No hablo español. ¿Me pueden ayudar? I don't speak Spanish. Can you help me?

Not to worry. WAA will arrange translation throughout the program and most Tijuanense (locals) speak some English.

4. If I am an exhibitor attending the Tijuana pre-conference, do I need to haul my exhibit materials back and forth across the border?

Nope. Not unless you want the exercise!  As usual, a storage/drayage option will be available through the decorator. 

5. Will the Tijuana program cost extra?

Yes.  This year’s pre-conference symposium in Tijuana will be an additional registration that is not included in the cost of the regular conference registration.  No registration fees have been set at this time, however, for your budgeting purposes, $250 would be a good estimate for the member-rate for the Tijuana program ($350 non-members).  Again, prices have not been confirmed at this time. 

6. I want to experience WAA’s Tijuana program.  Do I fly into Tijuana?

If you are traveling from within the U.S. or Canada and plan to participate in both the Tijuana and San Diego conference programs, your roundtrip ticket should be for San Diego.  If you are traveling from within Mexico or from elsewhere in Latin America, it will likely be less expensive to fly into Tijuana.

7. Can I register only for the Tijuana program?

Yes.  The Tijuana program can be a stand-alone registration; you do not need to attend the regular conference program.

8. How do you recommend traveling across the border?  Will WAA coordinate that?

Participants will be responsible for getting themselves to our host hotel in Tijuana. They will travel to the U.S. border at San Ysidro and walk across. Then, on the Mexican side, we suggest participants pick up an Uber to proceed to the host hotel.  WAA will share more specific information  about traveling across the border in 2020.  

9. How do I travel back to San Diego for the regular conference program?

For the return, WAA will organize chartered buses to transport Tijuana participants from the host hotel in Tijuana to the San Ysidro Border Crossing, and then on to the Town & Country Hotel. 

10. Do I need a passport to go to Mexico?

Yes.  U.S. citizens require a passport.  Citizens from some other countries require a passport and visa.  For more information about your country’s requirements, please visit this page.

11. I am not a US Citizen, and want to attend both the Tijuana and San Diego programs. Do I need a visa?

Please refer to for information on what foreign nationals need to enter the U.S. Be sure to check if your country is participating in the Visa Waiver Program and the terms and conditions. 

12. What can I expect for the Tijuana program?

Specific programmatic information will be shared soon, but for now, you can view a basic schedule outline here. 

13. Will there be a hotel room block in Tijuana with special rates?

Yes.  Hotel information will be posted early in 2020.  We suggest making your reservations as soon as possible after that information is posted as we expect demand for the program to exceed the number of hotel rooms we are able to contract.

14. Will it be worth it?

¡Claro que sí! The Tijuana program is going to be productive, informative, and fun!