Sponsorship Opportunities

Western Arts Alliance’s sponsorship program supplies powerful branding and promotional leverage as it underwrites our annual conference, helping to keep the program accessible and affordable. Sponsorship opportunities range from tried-and-true properties such as the conference tote bags and branded guest room keys to custom packages based on your budget, goals, and brand. Not sure what you might want to do? Let’s talk.

Please contact Jennifier Stewart for more information. Custom packages also created with pleasure. 


Annual Luncheon & Awards Ceremony $8k
This is an exclusive opportunity to sponsor the largest sit-down event at the conference. The only sponsored performance at WAA, the luncheon highlights your arts for a 15-minute presentation to a captive audience of the region's leading arts presenters. 

Opening Reception $7k
The Opening Reception is the first social event of the conference as well as the best-attended hospitality event of the week—an integral part of every delegate’s experience

Closing Reception $6k
Get the last word by sponsoring WAA’s Closing Reception! This one is all about mixing and mingling in a relaxed post-conference atmosphere.

Showcase Beverage Bar $5k
This sponsorship underwrites a glass of wine, beer, or a soft drink for all showcase attendees during the dinner break at our official showcase program. Includes on-site recognition. 

Exhibit Hall & Membership Meeting Hospitality $1-3k
Hospitality is deeply appreciated by all attendees. Contact Jennifier Stewart to inquire about opportunities to recharge and replenish spirits. 


Tote Bags $4-5k
One reusable tote bag is a giveaway to all attendees. Carried throughout the conference, it's then brought back home for a life well beyond the conference. 

Lanyards $4k
No one can go anywhere without their credentials. It's the sponsorship that delegates literally live in! 

Charging Station $2.5k
Branded mobile charging stations are a lifeline for conference attendees. No one needs to leave the exhibit hall because their batter is at 7% and they can't find an outlet! 

Notebook - Sponsor: AMAZ Entertainment
A practical 7" by 5.5" notebook, branded with your logo on the cover and filled with 70 pages of ruled paperan indispensable conference tool! 

The Nice Pen $1.5k
Your name at ever presenter's fingertips! A metal-construction pen that includes a stylus and LED light at the tip. Ideal for showcase note-taking! 

Way-Finding Signage $1.5k
Your logo enhances conference directional signage that helps attendees never lose their way! 

Butter Mints $1k
Melt-in-your mouth butter mints wrapped in your logo, adorning the conference info desk ad registration counters.  

Bag Insert $500
Include your showcase postcard, promotional item, or another piece of printed material in all presenter tote bags. 

The Works 15k
Branding on the tote bag, lanyards, charging station, and mobile app is all yours at a discount! Sponsorship at this level includes a complimentary insert in the presenters' tote bags. 


WiFi $5k
WiFi in The Commons is an expectation among conference attendees, but we can't do it with a generous sponsor. The sponsor receives naming rights for the WiFi password.  

Mobile App $5k
The app is central to navigating the conference, and the sponsor's logo is ever-present on the home screen. Exclusive in-app advertising is reserved for the app sponsor! 

Conference Workshops $4k
Attendees often report that WAA's workshops are among the most innovative and forward-thinking in the field. Ally your organization's own distinguished reputation with WAA's most distinguishing conference feature. 

Keynote Address $3k
This high-profile sponsor opportunity supports the most important speaker at the conference and includes public thanks at our best-attended plenary event. 

General Conference Support $1k
If simply supporting the ecology of the conference is important to you, consider applying your sponsorship dollars to the General Support fund, and give us the flexibility to apply your contribution to wherever it's needed most. 

Professional Development $1k - Sponsor: Kamstar Artist Management - Opportunities Still Available
Take a two-minute speaking opportunity at the top of a Speed Lead session, Amplified (our adjudicated pitch session), the New Colleagues Orientation, WAAht's Next?, or the Exhibit Hall Walk-ThroughTour.