About Launchpad

Launchpad is Western Arts Alliance 's start-up program for emerging artists and early career agents or managers. Launchpad participants receive a three-year bundle of technical assistance, professional development, mentoring, promotional benefits, and membership. Our goal for Launchpad is to make it possible for artists to become visible to, and to connect with, the managers and presenters who will book them.

Meet the Artists!

Launchpad Benefits provided by WAA

Year One

  • Complimentary membership in Western Arts Alliance;
  • Complimentary shared booth (with the other Launchpad Artists) and registration;
  • Mentor assigned from CODA (former directors and officers of the WAA Board);
  • Complimentary enrollment in pre-conference or online-professional development;
  • Marketing package (with the other Launchpad Artists) including an onsite banner.

Year Two

  • Half-price membership in Western Arts Alliance;
  • $200 shared booth (with the other Launchpad Artists) and registration;
  • Continued CODA Mentor;
  • Complimentary enrolment in pre-conference or online-professional development.

Year Three

  • $500 stipend towards membership and conference exhibit (your own booth)
  • Continued CODA Mentor

Launchpad Consulting Benefits

  1. Career Assessment. Mentors will be in touch with the artists shortly to begin the assessment process. Through this process, we will work to identify the needs, challenges, and opportunities for their professional advancement. The process will be similar to a SWOT analysis looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  2. Three-year work plan. Based on this assessment, the artist will work with their mentor on a three-year Launchpad work plan. The plan will focus the work with Launchpad, and delineate the objectives, strategies, and tactics to meet the artist's goals. The plan will include a timeline and the allocation of resources. As with the WAA benefits, consulting time with the mentor is front-loaded with the most time in year one and tapering off in years two and three.
  3. Up to $1,000 in Outside Services. Launchpad includes up to $1,000 for outside services, printing, photography, video production, specialized consultant, etc. Funds will be allocated based on the assessment and work plan and will be disbursed by WAA directly to the vendor/consultant.

Western Arts Alliance is a focused, dynamic community of arts professionals. Getting started is tough—it’s competitive—but new artists and works invigorate the market and expand our horizon. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a new WAA member engage, endeavor, and succeed.

 2020 Launchpad Nominations Are Closed. 

Launchpad Participants will be selected in a two-stage process.

  1. WAA members will nominate artists, companies, or agents for consideration.  Nominees should not be current WAA Members or represented by a WAA member. 
  2. Nominees will be invited to apply via OpenWater with the application deadline of March 2020. 

The WAA Showcase Committee reviews the applications and selects the 2020 participants in consultation with the CODA Council. All selections will be announced May 20.

Launchpad is supported in part by an anonymous gift and a grant from the National Endowment for Arts.