Gregg Young: Sharing Our Carpenter Center Performance

Jun 12 2015

By Gregg Young
Gregg Young and the 2nd Street Band

Having met Carpenter Center Executive Director, Michele Roberge, and Education Coordinator, Amanda Meek, over my many years at WAA, California Presenters, and APAP, we made a Connection!

Classroom Connections is an incredible program that has been around for 15 years, bringing music to the children of Long Beach Unified School District.

When asked, I was honored to create a Rock ‘n’ Roll Workshop for the kiddos of LBUSD, since my Opera & Ballet chops are somewhat lacking…

The curriculum demonstrated and described the historical and cultural contributions of the various music traditions that gave rise to Rock ‘n’ Roll, a Great American Genre.

We had an element of American Dances that were inspired by American Band Stand and Soul Train, a Blues component where the blue note was added into the I, IV, and V chord progressions, an interactive polyrhythmic exercise with the “Bo Diddley Beat,” a Call and Response exercise and much more! 

Not only did the students have fun, they learned, shared, and made music throughout the week.

The week culminated on a positive, upbeat, exciting note. Our band & the kiddos rocked the Carpenter Center!  We sang and danced together, incorporating elements they learned throughout the week and most importantly, we shared a message from our hearts to theirs, Don’t Do Drugs!