KMP Artists: Discover China and Be Amazed

Aug 18 2015

By Kristopher MCDowell
Founding Partner & President / KMP Artists

Discover China and Be Amazed

I have enjoyed 24 happy visits to China to date, including time in 8 different cities within mainland China plus several visits to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Each offer unique and lovable qualities. I have also personally led several small delegations of presenters from the United States, New Zealand and Australia to China for the past two years.

As a result of those trips, KMP has toured several small groups and also large scale productions from the United States to China. I have discovered many great artists in China. For example, KMP will tour a beautiful production of WHITE SNAKE and GU GU Drum Group from Shanghai to the United States and beyond this season.

I find the culture of China to be deeply intriguing. The people I have had the honor and opportunity to meet and collaborate with are warm and insightful. I am adventurous with food and the experience of different types of cuisine have added richness to each visit. After visiting and working with many counties in Asia and Australasia I find China to be distinct and uniquely generous and responsive to meaningful conversation about the arts.

I find the pace of growth and evolution in China to be exhilarating and each time I visit I am astounding by the many discoveries one can stumble upon if willing to go and seek them out. The flexibility and openness to western culture is refreshing, but I also treasure learning about the different ways of working together in the performing and visual arts industries. KMP has formed some wonderful partnerships within mainland China that have allowed KMP to deepen its presence in China, particularly in Shanghai and Guangzhou. I look forward to enjoying more opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange between China and the United States.