Verónica Bernal: Breathing for Music

Nov 03 2015

By Verónica Bernal Vargas
Managing Director, Morelia’s Music Festival

People can touch our lives, they can make us change our points of view, but music can transform ourselves. 

When you think about classical music, you imagine a man who wears a tuxedo, a woman in a long dress, but can you imagine a girl or a boy without shoes and with torn clothes? Let me tell you a story.

The Morelia's Music Festival has been presenting the best musicians from all over the world for 26 years in a city called Morelia, a UNESCO world heritage site in Mexico. These great musicians share their talents with Mexican students who study and play music with the Orquesta y Coro de la Transformación Miguel Bernal Jiménez. The orchestra and chorus perform for enthusiastic audiences year round. When it was founded in April of 2014, everything seemed fine, but over time the social situation has gotten much more complicated. Narcotrafficking – the smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs – has taken kids to the streets to sell or to consume drugs, slowly taking away their dreams.

I have seen how this program can transform lives. Currently, 160 children play an instrument instead of shooting a gun or doing drugs. They know every musical note. They dream of becoming a better person.

A seven-year-old boy expressed to me that music was like climbing a mountain, “every rehearsal makes me feel as if I am going in the right path and I know that when I become a great musician, I will be on the top of the mountain.” Music does transform lives.                                 

Breathing for Music is worthy!

For more information of the Morelia Music Festival and the Orchestra and Chorus of Transformation, visit their website: