Pitchbook: Volume V – Special Edition with Opportunity to Promote your January Showcase in NYC

Oct 01 2018

American Dance Abroad's biannual Pitchbook is a print and digital publication offering international recognition for new projects by U.S. dance artists. The cost to submit is $30; there is no additional publication fee for selected projects.

We will be selecting approximately 10 projects that have premiered after November 1, 2017 or will premiere before December 1, 2019, in this fifth edition of Pitchbook. Browse past issues, learn more about the benefits of being included in Pitchbook, and read our "Frequently Asked Questions".

Important Dates to Note:

  • Oct. 15: Deadline for Pitchbook submissions (there will be NO extensions)
  • Oct. 22: Notification of selected Pitchbook artists
  • Oct. 26: Notification of artists who have not been selected for Pitchbook
  • Nov. 15: Deadline for materials to be submitted by selected Pitchbook artists and for final details to be confirmed for January 2019 showcases
  • Dec. 1: Publication date for digital edition of Pitchbook
  • Jan. 1: Publication of print edition of Pitchbook

If selected for Pitchbook: Volume V, you will be asked to submit (by Nov. 15):

  • Project title
  • Two photos (Note: high-resolution/300dpi; one vertical, one horizontal)
  • Company logo (high-resolution/300dpi)
  • Five-minute video pitch of new work being proposed
  • Premiere date/location
  • Titles of other pieces the work will be presented with
  • Type of support being sought
  • Other pertinent information

*Please do not submit if you will be unable to provide these items. If you are unclear about any of these points, especially resolution requirements, please visit our FAQ page.

Showcase Promotion Opportunity
New in this volume of Pitchbook, you can also promote your January 2019 showcases in NYC, for an additional fee. The showcase promotion will appear in both print and digital editions of Pitchbook. The digital edition appears on our website, in our newsletter and is emailed as a PDF directly to 70+ international alumni of our programs, such as American Dance Recon. The print edition is distributed at performing arts conferences, festivals and gatherings throughout the year.

International programmers are traveling to NYC in January, at an increasing rate, to see showcases and attend conferences. Are you showcasing this year? If you'd like your 2019 showcase promoted in Pitchbook: Volume V, the cost is just $35.

This component is not a juried submission - the information you provide will automatically be included, regardless of whether your new dance project is selected for inclusion in Pitchbook: Volume V.

The deadline to reserve your ad is October 15. By November 15, you must provide:

  • Company name, contact and website
  • Showcase Title
  • Showcase Date
  • Showcase Time (include both start time and end time)
  • Showcase Location