WAA 2020 Conference Tijuana/San Diego

Jul 02 2019


On Thursday, June 27, Western Arts Alliance and Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) held a joint press conference in Tijuana  in CECUT’s Sala de Juntas El Cubo to announce the Western Arts Alliance 2020 Conference that will take place in Tijuana and San Diego. The press conference participants will be Pablo Raphael de la Madrid, Director General de Promoción y Festivales Culturales de la Secretaria de Cultura, Vianka Robles Santana, Directora General del Centro Cultural Tijuana, and Tim Wilson, Executive Director, Western Arts Alliance. 

The transborder conference will connect Western Arts Alliance (WAA) members and conference attendees with artists, producers, and programmers in Mexico. Plans call for the first two-days of the conference—the pre-conference program—to take place in Tijuana with the remaining three days—the core conference networking events, exhibits, showcases, and sessions—in San Diego. The goal is to produce, to the extent possible, a bilingual, international conference, with a program developed in partnership with our colleagues in Mexico. 

The program will be developed by Western Arts Alliance in partnership with CECUT, where the program will take place. The pre-conference in Tijuana will take place August 29-30, and the San Diego portion, August 31– September 3, 2020. 

The Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) is a cultural center of Mexico located on the border, and considered the most important in the northwest region. Since its founding in 1982, the Tijuana Cultural Center, an organization of the Federal Secretariat de Cultura, has worked to meet the artistic and cultural needs of the tijuanense through activities and services in different art forms and themes of contemporary culture. Located in one of the most modern urban areas of the city and only five minutes from the border, the Tijuana Cultural Center has become the most recognized symbol that identifies Tijuana. The facility has an area of 3.5 hectares and is visited by 1.5 million people annually, of which almost a third are children and in 2010 made more than 12,000 cultural activities. 

CECUT’s campus features an IMAX Dome, the Museo de las Californias, an international gallery, botanical garden, aquarium, an esplanade of 5,700 square meters, coffee shop, a book store, a souvenir shop, and more. Various festivals are held each year, in disciplines such as dance, theater, literature, folk traditions, concerts, visual arts exhibitions, conferences, IMAX films screenings, and video screenings.

Building a Bridge
Given the tenor of the debate on border security and immigration, it’s important that Western Arts Alliance demonstrates leadership and dedication to North American values of justice, equality, and liberty. 

Western Arts Alliance is committed to planning this conference with ascociación y amistad.
Our delegates will be coming to Tijuana as colleagues, not tourists. The Tijuana program will be developed in close cooperation and collaboration with our public and private sector performing arts colleagues in Mexico. Our goal is to learn, discover new artists and work, and to build relationships that will propel transborder cultural exchange for years to come.

The Tijuana program would likely include several seminars and workshops, cultural excursions, networking events, and curated showcases. WAA will offer bilingual conference program guides, bilingual website, and simultaneous translation—not just for the Tijuana programs, but for the entire conference. Our plan would be for all of our Mexican colleagues to join us in San Diego for the last three days of the conference—working the exhibits, attending sessions and showcases, and fostering deeper connections and relationships. 

Press Coverage

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