Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Tue, Aug 28 - 4:15pm
Venue: Smith Center, Troesh Studio Theater - 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106
Discipline: Dance - Contemporary
Lula and Erwin Washington won the Dance USA 2018 Champion Award and a documentary on the company is featured on the KCET-TV website's Artbound Section. The documentary refers to Lula as a "goddess" of dance. Come see her company dance Rennie Harris' "Reign" with a fervor that few other companies could muster. This is an invited "SUPER SHOWCASE."
Exhibitor Organization Name: Lula Washington Dance Theatre
Exhibit Number: 725
Exhibitor Contact: Erwin Washington, Exec. Dir.
Exhibitor Email:
Exhibitor Telephone: 323-893-4016
Transportation: Yes
Transportation Description: Ride the free WAA busses to the Smith Center to see our SUPER SHOWCASE in the Troesch Studio Theater! Follow it up with dinner and Juried Showcases, all at the Smith Center. Take a WAA bus ride back to the Bellagio.
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