Dan Froot and Company

Tue, Aug 28 - 10:40pm
Venue: Smith Center for the Performing Arts - Cabaret Jazz - 361 Symphony Park Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106
Discipline: Theatre - Drama
A mom and her 9 children are swindled into foreclosure; a family escapes war-torn Burundi; a young boy fantasizes his way out of a besieged neighborhood. 5 dynamic performers voice dozens of characters in this trio of short hard-hitting plays based on oral histories of real families around the country who are hungering for change. “Pang!” promotes cross-class dialogue by positioning audiences “between the ears” of these families. It’s a heart-warming, versatile community-based performance project, and can be staged in a variety of scales, from intimate to grand.
Exhibitor Organization Name: Dan Froot and Company
Exhibit Number: 332
Exhibitor Contact: Dan Froot
Exhibitor Email: danfroot@me.com
Exhibitor Telephone: 310-766-4942
Transportation: Yes
Transportation Description: There will be free WAA shuttles between the Bellagio and The Smith Center.
Check the WAA info booths to learn pick up spots from the Bellagio.