Chinese Acrobats of Hebei

Tue, Aug 28 - 10:00pm
Venue: The Smith Center - Troesh Theatre - 361 Symphony Park Avenue. Las Vegas, NV. 89106
Discipline: Variety - Circus/Spectacle
An Awe Inspiring Show For All Ages...The Acrobats of Hebei China are a “must-see” production creating unbelievable performances based on the Chinese history of acrobatics that date back at least two thousand years. A spectacular show that highlights: Lion Dance, Hoop Diving, Contortion, Plate Spinning, Diablo, Chair Stacking, Chinese Poles and Bicycle, along with brilliant costumes, exciting music soundtrack and colorful props. The Acrobats of Hebei China combine outstanding acrobatics and amazing production that has been delighting audiences for more than a decade.
Exhibitor Organization Name: David Belenzon Management, Inc.
Exhibit Number: 813
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Exhibitor Telephone: 8588328380
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