Invertigo Dance Theatre

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tell us about your work.
Invertigo creates athletic, virtuosic contemporary dance, grounded in theatrical storytelling. Our company creates a balance between work that is accessible and entertaining, and also compelling and challenging.  Whatever the subject, any piece you see from Invertigo will take you through a wide range of emotions - you will laugh and you may well cry, and at the end, we hope you are changed.   
We put our belief that “dance is for everybody and every body” into practice every week.  When we say “community engagement,” we mean join us on the dance floor!   Our Dancing Through Parkinson’s,  education, Storytelling Through Movement, and other community programs have given us the capacity to work with people of all ages and abilities.  These classes inform our process in the studio, as well, and remind us what’s truly important about dance - it is all about connection.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be an artist, and where were you?
I remember improvising to particularly lovely pieces of music instead of doing the barre exercises as a six-year-old in ballet class.  I still love the expression of genuinely-felt movement.  I also have notebooks from when I was eight years old with super-organized choreographic visions to every song off Seal’s first album and Enya’s Sail Away album.  Because as an eight-year old, I had impeccable musical taste.

"If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?"
A water purifier, as many books as I could cram into a backpack, and a hammock.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten in your career thus far?
Don’t take advice too seriously.

Name an artist you’d love to meet and why?
Crystal Pite.  She is a strong role model, and she makes work on a large scale; the kind that seems primarily to be reserved for male choreographers.  Her vision is exactingly and clear and whimsical and dark and intimate and expansive and gorgeous.

“If I weren’t doing this I’d…”
...have an identity crisis. My second university degree was pre-law with an emphasis on LGBTQ Rights, so I might pursue my original plan of being a civil rights attorney.  

What are your 3 goals for the rest of the next year?
1.    Collaborate with our company members to make a remarkable new work, 10 years in the making, which allows us to tell the extraordinary story of  the ground-breaking scientist and code breaker Alan Turing through our unique movement.
2.    Create a piece with a cast of our Dancing Through Parkinson’s dancers.
3.    Celebrate Invertigo’s 10th anniversary with an amazing gala which both looks back with pride and beams forward with energy, integrity and rich artistic goals. 

What are you working on now?
Right now we are in the studio creating a new piece of dance-theatre based on the life and work of Alan Turing.  It’s about math, love, sex and fairy tales.  We’re in a creation process right now, exploring binary code and apples, flesh and bone, ones and zeros, queens and witches, poison and hormones.
We are  looking to create partnerships with a wide array of communities who have a special relationship to the subject matter: LGBTQ organizations, tech companies, STEM partners and beyond.  This piece has been rolling around in my head for ten years and it’s amazing to see it come to life.  
We’re in the middle of a three-week rehearsal intensive process.  This is different than how the company has rehearsed in the past-- we are in the studio five days a week, eight hours a day.  It’s exciting to be fully immersed in the process and see what this incredible cast is capable of.  We are excited by what the results of this intensive will be and we’ll further develop the piece into 2018.