WAA recognizes the importance of leadership in anticipating the future needs of the field, and so committee work is vital to the governance and direction of Western Arts Alliance. Each committee member is dedicated to WAA’s mission and to the advancement of the performing arts field through innovative thinking and ground-breaking initiatives. WAA’s strategic plan helps inform the work that each committee undertakes every year, and includes both planning and implementing short- and long-range goals. 

Committees are chaired or co-chaired by members of the WAA board, and all members of WAA are eligible to serve on committees (though committee members are not required to be WAA members). Committee chairs work closely with the president and staff to compose committees that represent the diverse membership of WAA and the performing arts field, balancing experience with fresh perspective by taking each committee member’s specialty, place and type of employment, location, and diversity in both ethnicity and opinion into consideration. It is WAA’s intention to involve as many members as possible in committee activities (without sacrificing continuity), and to continually promote the introduction of new members to the volunteer experience. All committee members are held to the same standard as the WAA Board of Directors regarding commitment, ethics, and accountability to Western Arts Alliance and its work.

Committee terms generally begin and end the week after the WAA Conference. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please submit a letter of interest and current resume to Below are the committees for the 2017 - 2018 conference cycle.

* Denotes 2018 WAA Board Member


35 Below is a non-governing, self- organized advisory body, whose purpose is to strengthen the bond among Western Arts Alliance affiliates under 35, to connect them with more established members, to gather ground for the creative impulse of the younger generation, and to provide a channel through which young performing arts professionals can feel powerful and comfortable contributing to the field.

Jack Forman, Co-Chair
BiCoastal Productions

Greg Kastelman, Co-Chair
Cadenza Artists

Dani Fecko*, Co-Chair
Fascinator Management>

Issac Bunch
Sciolino Artist Management

James Fredrick
Anchorage Concert Association

Gillian Jones
Edmonds Center for the Arts

Alex Zaro
City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs 

Communications Committee

The communications committee is charged with actively communicating the work of Western Arts Alliance, the membership and the field. The committee will oversee high-level strategies that advance the development and delivery of WAA's brand and messaging.

Rob Tocalino*, Co-Chair
Mondavi Center, UC Davis 

Andre Bouchard
Walrus Arts Management and Consulting  

Jaymi Gilmour
Baylin Artists Management

Jack Forman
BiCoastal Productions

Joyce Hinton*
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC 

Alex Zaro
City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs 

Lacey Wright
The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

Bryan Yamami

Conference Committee

The conference committee oversees the planning and program design of the WAA Annual Conference and ensures that conference goals and strategies, as established by the board, are met. The committee is responsible for leadership, program and resource development, community building, and ensuring WAA's success as a marketplace.

Eleanor Oldham*, Chair
2Luck Concepts

Camille Barigar
Arts on Tour

Paul Bongiorno
Grand Central Booking

Rachel Cohen
Cadence Arts Network

Ernest Figueroa
The Broad Stage

Karen Fischer
Pasifika Artists Network

Antonio "Tony" Gomez
The Broadway Center

Kendra Ingram
Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Univ. of Denver 

Joe McIalwain
Edmonds Center for the Arts

Cathy Pruzan
Cathy Pruzan Artist Representative

Jerry Ross
Harmony Artists

Host Subcommittee - Las Vegas, NV

The host subcommittee is an adjunct of the conference committee. The subcommittee is responsible for enhancing local connections with the annual conference especially local and regional outreach, development, and resource expertise.

Ally Haynes-Hamblin, Chair
City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs 

Paul Beard
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts 

Bruce Ewing
Phat Pack Entertainment 

Bernard Gaddis
Contemporary West Dance Theatre

Robin McCartney
City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs

Matt McNally
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Debby Urbauer
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts 

Cathy Weiss
Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts

Showcase Subcommittee

The showcase subcommittee is an adjunct of the conference committee. The primary responsibility of the subcommittee is to adjudicate the juried showcase that takes place at the annual conference. The committee is also responsible for informing WAA's long-term showcase strategy.

Wiley Hausam*, Chair
Private Consultant

Executive Committee

The executive committee is responsible for working in support of, or occasionally in place of, the full board.

Eleanor Oldham, President
2Luck Concepts

Joe McIalwain, Vice-President
Edmonds Center for the Arts 

Cathy Weiss, Secretary/Treasurer
Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts

Cory Baker*, Immediate Past President
The Long Center for Performing Arts

Heather Rigby, At-Large Committee Member
Ford Theatre Foundation

Finance Committee

The finance committee is responsible for assisting the board in ensuring the organization is in good fiscal health.

Joe McIalwain,* Chair
Edmonds Center for the Arts

Emerson Bran
Emerson Bran Management

Joan Braun
CU Artist Series

Jason Hodges
Anchorage Concert Association

Christine Lim
San Francisco Performances

Elizabeth Roth
Roth Arts


Governance Committee

The governance committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board.

Beth Macmillan*, Chair
Artown Festival

Rob Tocalino* 
Mondavi Center

Dani Fecko*
Fascinator Management

AnneMarie Martin
SRO Artists

Armando Castellano
artist, Christensen Arts

Simon Shaw
Simon Shaw Entertainment

Ralph Remington
Tempe Center for the Arts

Membership Committee

The goal of the membership committee is to recruit and retain performing arts professionals as active members of Western Arts Alliance. Goal 1: To increase the association's membership and improve member retention. Goal 2: To identify the needs of the membership; ensure that the board is made aware of these needs; and implement, facilitate, and support initiatives to meet these needs. The committee also organizes and reviews the nominations for the awards program and selects winners under the policies and procedures established by the board of directors. The awards subcommittee is also responsible for periodic review of the awards program and policy.

Joyce Hinton*, Co-Chair
Chan Center for the Performing Arts

Cathy Weiss*, Co-Chair
Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts

Shane Cadman
Whittier College

Ben Cohen
Cadenza Artists

Romana Jaroff
IMG Artists

Rob Tocalino*
Mondavi Center, UC Davis 

Beverly Noerr
Redlands Summer Bowl Music Festival 

Mentoring Committee

The mentoring committee is charged with connecting, enriching, and engaging the next generation of WAA members and leaders.

Dani Fecko,* Co-Chair
Fascinator Management

Christian Wolf*, Co-Chair
Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation

Emerson Bran*
Emerson Bran Management

Rachel Cohen
Cadence Arts Network

Rick Farrell
ICM Partners

Larry Kosson
Kosson Talent

David Pier
Harris Center for the Arts

Ken Waldman
Ken Waldman, Nomadic Productions

Professional Development Committee

The professional development committee is charged with overseeing the scope, quality, and delivery of WAA's education and professional development activities. The committee shall ensure that WAA’s professional development programs meet the needs of the staff of presenting organizations, artists, producing companies, artist representatives, and other interested professionals.

Dani Fecko*, Chair
Fascinator Management

Heather Rigby*, Co-Chair
Ford Theatre Foundation

Armando Castellano
Quinteto Latino

Antonio Gomez
Broadway Center for the Arts

Elissa Greene
Strings Music Festival

Heena Patel
MELA Arts Connect

Charlie Robin
The Capitol Theatre

Special Committee - Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee gathers every two years to plan and prioritize WAA's goals for the future of the organization. Next meeting: 2019.

Special Committee - CODA Committee

CODA’s purpose is to further WAA’s interests by helping provide for the organization’s financial stability, providing advice and service to the Executive Director and the Board, and establishing a forum within which former directors and officers may continue to serve WAA and its members. CODA members will also serve as mentors to early and mid-career members of WAA. For information on CODA membership, please contact

Julia Glawe, Chair
Pomegranate Arts

Beth Macmillan*, Board Liaison
Artown Festival

Michael Blachly
University of Florida, Performing Arts

David Fischer
Broadway Center for the Arts

John Haynes
Tateuchi Center

Irene Namkung
Traditional Arts Services

Renae Williams Niles
USC Kaufman School of Dance

Martin Wollesen
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Special Committee - Conexiones: Latino Arts @ WAA

The Conexiones: Latino Arts @ WAA is WAA's new interest group dedicated to advancing Latino engagement, participation, and programming at Western Arts Alliance and in your communities.

Emerson Bran*, Chair
Emerson Bran Management

Heather Rigby*, Co-Chair
Ford Theatre Foundation

Shane Cadman
Whittier College

Armando Castellano
Quinteto Latino

Phil Esparza
CSU Monterey Bay World Theater

Lynn Fisher
Frontera Arts

Beto Gonzalez
Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Tony Gomez
Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

Leah Keith
Columbia Artists

Dwayne Ulloa
AKA Productions/Latino Entertainment

Special Committee - Indigenous Performance Steering Committee

Andre Bouchard
Walrus Arts Management
Vancouver, WA, United States

Cole Alvis
Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
Toronto, ON, Canada

Ryan Cunningham
Native Earth Performing Arts
Toronto, ON, Canada

Miria George
Creative New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Ben Graetz
Darwin Entertainment Center
Darwin, Australia

Kale Hannahs
Hawaiian Musician
Honolulu, HI, United States

Horomona Horo
Taonga Puoro composer and practitioner
Hamilton, New Zealand

Emily Johnson
Catalyst Dance
Minneapolis, MN, United States

Margo Kane
Full Circle: First Nations Performance
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cynthia Lickers-Sage
Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
Toronto, ON, Canada

Sandra Laronde
Red Sky Performance, The Banff Centre
Banff, AB, Canada

Rachael Maza
Ilbijerri Theatre Company
North Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Lydia Miller
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Reuben Roqueñi
Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
Portland, Oregon

Tanaya Winder
Dream Warrior
Boulder,  CO