Hector Flores from Las Cafeteras participating in the 2015 Conexiones preconference symposium. Photo by Jennifier Stewart.

Conexiones: Latinx Arts @ WAA is WAA’s special interest group for artists, agents, presenters, and anyone interested in building authentic, sustainable, and equitable relationships with Latinx artists or audiences. Conexiones is dedicated to advancing Latino engagement, participation, and programming at Western Arts Alliance and communities across the West.

The formation is a direct outcome of the 2014 WAA Institute, which focused specifically on the changing demographics of the West. Conexiones seeks to expand authentic, sustainable conexiones (connections) and integration between the presenting industry and Latinx artists and communities. To accomplish this Conexiones works to:

  • Build a cohort of Latinx performing arts professional and allies
  • Offer networking opportunities for artists, agents and presenters with an interest in Latinx programming
  • Track Latinx trends, issues, and resources that are having an impact on our field.
  • Create relevant content for WAA’s professional development programs, news, and social media.
  • Conduct research about the activity, challenges, and opportunities for Latinx programming. 

Join us!

Please join Conexiones and help WAA undertake this important work. To join the group, login in at, navigate to the Manage Profile page, under Community, select Groups, then Interest Group, and finally Conexiones: Latino Arts @ WAA.

Who are Latinos?
The term “Latino” refers to an incredibly diverse array of communities and identities. Latinas/os in the U.S. include people of any race who have some connection to the cultures of Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the American Southwest). Some are first generation immigrants, others were here before the U.S. was formed. Latinos can be English dominant, Spanish dominant, speak other languages, or be multilingual. The majority are young and native born. With regard to artists, this survey considers U.S. Latino as well as Latin American artists whose work, whether traditional or contemporary, advances discussion and reflection of these particular identities and cultural legacies.

From Wikipedia: Latinx (/ləˈtiːnɛks, læ-/) (plural Latinxs) is a gender neutral term sometimes used in lieu of Latino or Latina (referencing Latin American cultural or racial identity). The -x replaces the standard o/a ending in Spanish and Portuguese forming nouns of the masculine and feminine genders, respectively. For more about Latinx check out “Why ‘Latinx’ is Succeeding While Other Gender-Neutral Terms Fail to Catch On” from TIME magazine (April 2, 2018).